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Bafang 48V500Watts Driving Hall Sensor Motor E-Bike Kit, With A battery And Parts

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Everything you need to plug in and go, easy installation.

Bafang 48V500Watts Driving Hall Sensor Motor E-Bike Kit Packing List:

  1. A 48V500W Bafang Motor, could select rear motor, front motor or CST motor.
  2. A 48V10AH Lithium ion battery pack With A S120 Charger.
  3. A S12S 500W 12Mosfets Controller.
  4. A Twist Grip Throttle.
  5. A Pair Of Brake Grip.
  6. A LCD1 Meter
  7. A Five Poles PAS---Padel Pulse Assist Sensor

Li-Ion NiCoMn Electric Bicycle Battery Pack Specification:

  1. Normal Voltage:48Volts.
  2. Dimension: 275*65*90mm
  3. Capacity: 10Ah.
  4. Charge Current: 3Amps.
  5. Maximal Continuous Discharge Current: 30Amps.
  6. Maximal Discharge Current: 60Amps.
  7. Overvoltage Protection: 54.6Volts.
  8. Undervoltage Protection: 35.75Volts.
  9. Lifecycle: 800Cycles.
  10. Weight: 3.5Kg.
  11. Chemical: Li-Ion NiCoMn.

Lithium Ion Aliminum Shell Charger Specification:

  1. AC Input Voltage: AC90V~264V
  2. Charge Voltage: 54.6Volts.
  3. Charge Current: 3Amps.
  4. AC Plug: Europen Standard or American Standard.
  5. Power: 180Watts.

Bafang 48V500W Motor Specification:

  1. Voltage:48V
  2. Connector: Hall Sensor and Sensorless Compatible
  3. Brake Type: Disc Brake
  4. Reduction Gear Ratio: 1:5
  5. Permanent Magnets: 16
  6. Motor cable and Screws are included
  7. It is only the Bare Motor Without Rim And Spokes
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