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KT S06ST sine wave controller with torque sensor

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B. B. Torque Sensor System.
Requirement of Bottom Bracket(B.B.):
1. Lenght of Bottom Bracket: 68mm.
2. Inner Diameter of Bottom Bracket: ≥34mm.

Packing List: A B.B Torque Sensor, A S06ST Torque Sensor Sine Wave Controller. S-LCD3.LCD


1. Input Voltage: 5Volts.

2. Valid Torque Range: 0-58N.m. for both side of crank.

3. Output Voltage of Torque Signal: 0-4Volts.

4. Pedal Forward Signal: 0-5V Pulse.

5. Pedal Reverse Signal: 5V

B.B. Torque Sensor Fatigue Testing: http://youtu.be/IvtZZICwwRw

Note: It is not suitable for any central motor.

Why torque sensor, safety riding and easily climbing hill.

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