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SALE!! 48V 13Ah silver fish ebike electrical battery pack with 2A charger can working on 750W motor USA CUSTOMERS - NO TAX AND FREE SHIPPING!!

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48V13Ah silver fish Electric Bike Battery Pack with Charger fit 48V 500W/ 48V 750W/ motor

The battery pack fit 250W / 350W / 500W motor and 48 V 750W motor, can't working on other 1000W or 1500W motor, if your motor power over 750W , we can't provide warranty for this battery
1. Rated capacity: 13AH
2. Voltage: 48V
3. Charging Voltage: 54.6V
4. Discharge cutoff voltage: 36.4V
5. 5P13S Li-ion 2.6Ah the interior battery is 18650 65pcs battery cells(China brand battery cells)
6. Continuous discharge current: 25A
7. Pulse/Max discharge current 50A
8. Max charging current : 5A
9. Charging temperature: 0~45°C
10. Dischargeing temperature: -20~55 °C
11.Operating voltage:36.4V~54.6V
12.Diamesion: 72*110*390mm
13.Weight of battery pack About kg
Note: Please turn on the power switch when you charging this battery pack.

120W Lithium Ion Charger Specification
Input Voltage: 100-240V
Output Voltage: 54.6V (for 13 series Lithium Ion battery use)
Output Current: 2A
Charging Mode: CC-CV
Intelligent Charger
Super Powerful Charger 2A
Weight: 0.65g
The battery pack fit 250W / 350W / 500W motor and 48 V 750W bafang mide motor
Packing list:
1 pcs 48V 13h silver fish the interior battery 18650 ebike battery pack
1 pcs 2A charger
it has no usb power output


Must charge the battery to full power at once after receivING parcel, also you must charge the battery to full power immediately when the battery runs out of power.

If this battery is to be stored for more than two months please charge for this for three hours every two months of storage

Do not connect the positive and negative terminals of battery

Do not expose this battery to high temperature such as heating appliances or in direct sunlight

Do not submerge this battery in liquid of any kind

WARNING Disassemble only by the professionals

Do store in a cool.dry area out of direct sunlight

Do not use any other charger for the one supplies with this battery

When this battery is no longer of use please dispose of correctly by returning your supplier or recognized battery collection disposal point.Do not dispose of this battery with your household waste

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